Lucartha Kohler
To ancient peoples, life and art were one in the same -- making art was a way of life. Temple architecture, art, and myths of many long-past civilizations fascinate me and I've spent my life finding artifacts from diverse cultures through travel, visiting museums, and poring through books. The remnants speak to me. My quest for ancient wisdom began many years ago on a visit to Stonehenge in England. Standing among the stones, I had a profound spiritual experience that is difficult to explain. I've tried to recreate that experience through art to share with others.

I use ancient architectural elements, universal symbols, glyphs and figural images, often female, to create my own spiritual objects that communicate visual myths celebrating human history in a wondrously enigmatic way. I chose glass as my medium because it eloquently represents the myriad qualities of light and metaphorically serves as a spiritual symbol. When light interacts with a solid glass object, the object glows, as if from an inner light that represents a universal spiritual connection.